requirement re‧quire‧ment [rɪˈkwaɪəmənt ǁ -ˈkwaɪr-] noun
1. [countable] something that an official organization says a company or person must have or do:

• There are deed restrictions, including a requirement that the buyer live in the property.

2. [countable] something that someone needs or wants:

• a product thatmeets customer requirements

• Nuclear power plants generate a fifth of U.S. electricity requirements.

ˌcapital reˈquirement FINANCE
1. [countable] the capital needed by a company to operate, grow etc:

• The company's working capital requirement was decreasing.

2. [countable] the capital that a government says that a financial institution must have in relation to the amount that it lends, so that it can operate safely:

• The Fed believes higher capital requirements are needed to deter unusually risky lending by banks.

ˌcentral ˌgovernment ˈborrowing reˌquirement abbreviation CGBR [singular]
ECONOMICS the amount of money that a government needs to borrow in a particular period of time:

• improvements in public sector finances that have greatly reduced the central government borrowing requirement

ˌpublic ˌsector ˈborrowing reˌquirement abbreviation PSBR [singular]
ECONOMICS the amount that a government has to borrow in a particular period of time to cover the difference between the money it gets from taxes and the amount it spends:

• At that time, the public sector borrowing requirement was lower than the financial deficit because of the proceeds from privatisation.

reˈserve reˌquirement [countable]
FINANCE an amount of money the government says that banks must possess, or leave with the central bank, calculated in relation to the amount of the loans that they make:

• Reducing reserve requirements eases credit conditions.

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requirement UK US /rɪˈkwaɪəmənt/ noun [C]
[usually plural] what is wanted or needed by someone: »

I've been asked to estimate our budget requirements for next year.

meet/suit sb's requirements »

The design has been adapted to meet customer requirements.

an official rule about something that it is necessary to have or to do: »

I am afraid the safety system fails to meet minimum requirements.


It is a requirement that an announcement be made at each stage of any possible venture.


a legal/necessary requirement


a visa/work/graduation requirement

be surplus to requirements — Cf. be surplus to requirements
See also CAPITAL REQUIREMENT(Cf. ↑capital requirement), CENTRAL GOVERNMENT BORROWING REQUIREMENT(Cf. ↑central government borrowing requirement), THE PUBLIC SECTOR BORROWING REQUIREMENT(Cf. ↑the public sector borrowing requirement), THE PUBLIC SECTOR NET CASH REQUIREMENT(Cf. ↑the public sector net cash requirement), RESERVE REQUIREMENT(Cf. ↑reserve requirement)

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